How to back up Route53

There are a few different options for backing up Amazon Route 53 DNS records. For example:

  • Manually copy and save the records: You can log in to the Route 53 console and manually copy and save the records for your hosted zones. This is a simple but manual process that may not be suitable if you have a large number of records or if you need to perform frequent backups.
  • Use the AWS CLI: You can use the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) to list and export the records for your hosted zones. This is a more automated solution that allows you to script the backup process.
  • Use a third-party tool: There are several third-party tools like DNS Collector that can help you backup your Route 53 records. These tools may offer additional features such as scheduling, notification, and integration with other systems.

Regardless of the method you choose, it is important to regularly back up your Route 53 records to protect against data loss. You should also store the backups in a secure location, such as an S3 bucket with versioning enabled, in case of data loss or accidental deletion.